21 Amazing Vegan Chickpea Recipes

A list of some of the internet’s best vegan recipes whose stars are the beans – so you can finally reclaim your fridge and freezer back from your garbanzo overlords!

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And I felt so blessed, and so busy, but still not making any money, and I was dying of exhaustion. But that was ok, because I was staying humble and being thankful that at least my kids had safe treats and I was keeping myself busy.

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Hollow vs Full Macarons

Do you struggle with hollow macarons? Is your greatest desire to see them come out of the oven, perfectly full and fluffy? I have advice for you.

A shiny stainless steel fork scraping across a nonstick pan, leaving track marks and peeled off teflon in its wake.

Three Common Kitchen Mistakes

Dear CoCineros,

I’m in a lot of cooking groups on social media. A lot.

I see hundreds of posts a day by people ranging from professional chefs to culinary toddlers on my newsfeeds. There are a multitude of brilliant things that come from them, and I can and do learn something from every single photo, video, and description that slides across my screen (yes, even from the toddlers!). There are also a lot of things I see that I wish I wouldn’t see – or hear – ever again. But I do. Over, and over, and over again.