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I have a tale to tell. It’s a tale about the dark place I was at (and I know many of you are, too). But it’s a story with a happy ending, so you should stick around for this one.

Janelle Copeland, owner of The Cake Mamas

This woman right here. This giant of the baking world. This champion of Food Network’s Cake Wars and Cupcake Wars. Owner of world famous The Cake Mamas bakery. This amazing woman is my mentor. Her name is Janelle Copeland, and God moved heaven and earth to make sure I sat at her feet.

A little back story for you.

I have always had issues with self-esteem and self-confidence. I have always felt small. I have always felt like an outsider. I’m the weird one. I felt I repelled people. Always felt less-than and unworthy. I cheer people on and celebrate their wins, but I never believed that I deserved my own. I thought it was called humility, but I was wrong and I was suffering.

I started baking about two years ago because of my daughters’ food allergies. We had allergies to milk and eggs and wheat, as well as a host of other things and I felt like a bad mom that they couldn’t have cakes and cookies and all the goodies that other kids get to enjoy, so I set out to make them myself.

And I got good at it.

And I started getting orders to make them for other people.

And then more people.

And then the local vegans heard about my eggless and milkless treats, so they started ordering. And I felt so blessed, and so busy, but still not making any money, and I was dying of exhaustion. But that was ok, because I was staying humble and being thankful that at least my kids had safe treats and I was keeping myself busy.

A very tired Meggan with deep, dark circles under her eyes

See those dark circles? Probably because I was working up to 80 hours a week making macarons that I was selling for 65¢ each. #iwasdumb

Somehow a few months in, by the grace of God I found Janelle’s Facebook group called “Cake Cents”, which deals with the BUSINESS side of running a bakery, and I knew I needed it. I joined and right away, Janelle gave a free five day video series on what keeps home bakers broke, and since I was a home baker and I was broke, I took it.

It covered a ton of stuff, from pricing to creating a strategy for my business, to tracking numbers, and so much more. Then she released a bonus video inviting me to join her eight-week mastermind course called Passion to Profit, and I knew it was for me.

And then I learned the price.

Oof. Too much. Waaaay too much. Not because I didn’t think it was worth it, but because I didn’t think *I* was worth it. I didn’t think my business was worth it. Why would I invest so much into something or someone I didn’t believe in? So I sat that round out. But one of my friends didn’t;

I saw her grow. I saw her business grow. I saw her open a bakery storefront and everything about it was perfect. I watched videos of her ribbon cutting and speeches from her Chamber of Commerce. And I was filled with jealousy and regret.

I decided I needed in. I needed that change. Now.

But (there’s always a but, isn’t there?) then I got bad medical news. And bad medical bills. And then there was that surgery that was coming up that would be in the middle of the course. So doubt started creeping in about not just my financial abilities but my own personal abilities to succeed. And then of course the question of whether I was worth investing in in the first place.

Janelle reached out to me. Personally. This person I admired so much, whom I had watched on TV and whose pages I have followed on Facebook and Instagram for forever. She messaged me and called me and talked me through everything. She calmed my fears about my ability to go through the course at my own pace during my surgery and in terms of the finances she told me that if it was meant to be and I really needed it, God would give me a way to make it happen. I knew that already but I had forgotten it. It was a good reminder.

Then that same morning I got a message from a dear friend offering to pay for my medical tests. Then I got an email from PayPal offering me a line of credit. Then I applied. Then I was approved. Then I paid for the enrollment fee to Passion to Profit and I WAS IN!

My official Facebook announcement post that I joined Passion to Profit
The first day of the rest of my life.

And then I learned real quick that this wasn’t a bakery course. Not in the sense I was expecting, at least.

Janelle broke me. She broke us all. You see, week one of the course is about changing your mindset and figuring out why you’re keeping yourself from succeeding. It’s about taking responsibility for your own life and your position in it. It’s about owning your words and realizing that everything is a self-fulfilling prophecy – and boy did I have a lot of them.

I cried so much that week. As did all my classmates. And then from the bottom of that pit, Janelle helped us realize that we’ve had these glorious wings this whole time and why the heck were we not flying with them?! And I flew. And I’m flying. And it’s amazing, y’all.

So yes, the rest of the course was amazing. We learned all about pricing, about profit margins and ROIs and email marketing campaigns. We learned branding and systematizing and all of that and it was AMAZING – but honestly, those last seven weeks were basically a bonus. They helped me earn back every cent I spent on the course within a couple of months. But everything about that first week – just that first week – gave me life and gave me permission to live it.

Thanks to this woman and her passion to elevate the whole world of baking and empower women around the planet, I now know that I am worth it. I am deserving of all the good things. I have it in me to succeed. My success doesn’t take away from my family. Me pursuing my dreams doesn’t make me a bad mom or a bad wife. And did I mention that I deserve it?

So here I am now. I’ve actually retired from the bakery and am pursuing blogging full time – and succeeding at it. I’m rubbing elbows with celebrities, I’m learning from foremost experts in different fields, I’m getting phone calls from international companies who want to collaborate with me and talking to CEOs about how I can help them and add value to their products.

I’m full of confidence and I’m ready and willing to receive what is available to me – knowing I’m deserving of it and that I have the knowledge and skills to do it. I’m continually investing in myself.

I’m no longer small. I’m not longer fearful or timid. I’m no longer undeserving or less-than. I am worthy and amazing and I have so much to offer the world. I’m no longer hiding in the shadows, afraid of the public eye – but shining for everyone to see.

I’m still weird, though. And I don’t plan on changing that. 😉

Janelle’s mantra is “When the student is ready the teacher appears”. I’m so glad my teacher appeared, and I can’t wait to see how high I’ll fly.

So thank you, Janelle. Thank you for believing in me and teaching me how to believe in myself. <3


If you’re interested in taking Janelle’s course yourself, she has graciously given me a coupon code for my readers – just use COOKINGONCAFFEINE150 at checkout for $150 off the price of the course. I earn a small commission when you do, and will also be one of your coaches in class! Enroll here

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  1. Just discovered your blog and I hope more will follow. My wife and I are Vegan adjacent, but some are more adjacent than others. Still I appreciated your review of Silk. I’m trying too make a vegan afternoon tea for her on her birthday – and I think the silk might work with the margarine to create a pretty good cucumber sandwich. Do you think I could use it to make clotted cream? I can’t wait to see even more of your recipes here.


    • Hi, Michael!

      I’m so glad that you’ve found my blog helpful! And thanks for the kind words.

      In all honesty, I don’t know the first thing about cucumber sandwiches or clotted cream. Lol. I’ll educate myself and get back to you on that, though!


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